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49ers-Eagles snap counts: Arik Armstead is second in the NFL in pressure rate at 28.2%

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The 49ers found a way to win a tough road game after a slow start. That’s what good teams do. Now, at 2-0, the fun starts. First, let’s analyze San Francisco’s snap counts from their Week 2 victory over the Eagles.

Offense - 70 possible snaps

  • For the second week in a row, the starting offensive line played every snap
  • Mike McGlinchey has allowed two pressures through two games
  • No Trey Lance this week, but no Lance is better than gimmick Lance
  • Brandon Aiiyuk played and played well. At times, it felt like he was a decoy. I focused on Aiyuk during the game, and his effort was tremendous. Expect him to be a focal point moving forward
  • Speaking of the receivers, I love the usage between the “other guys.” Sherfield, Sanu, and even Jennings all have their roles. Throwing Jennings a screen pass is a nice way to change your tendencies. You can’t call running plays every time he’s in the game.
  • So much for resting Kittle. Then again, taking one of your best players off the field doesn’t seem like a sound strategy.
  • Running back snaps should be interesting moving forward. We’ll find out more when Kyle Shanahan speaks today at 1 p.m. PT. However, I feel like Mitchell is leaving some meat on the bone on some of his carries.
  • I want to see more Sermon. Yes, I know he fumbled. It was an impressive carry up until he was hit in the helmet.
  • San Francisco will need more out of its non-Deebo receivers moving forward. Sherfield had two targets without a catch, while Aiyuk and Sanu had one target without a reception (I’m aware this isn’t all on them).
  • Garoppolo’s three carries for 13 yards doesn’t seem like much, but each time he tucked the ball in the pocket, Garoppolo avoided a sack. That’s been the strongest point in his game through two weeks

Defense - 58 possible plays

  • Anytime your defense plays fewer than 65 plays in an NFL game, things went well
  • I can’t say enough about the secondary. Effort. Physicality. Good eyes. Finishing plays. They were a pleasant surprise
  • Thanks to depth on the outside, the Niners can afford to play Ford 28% of the time — most of them coming on obvious dropbacks.
  • Bosa playing 76% of the snaps tells you there are no restrictions and that his body is responding well. Also, him being dominant doesn’t hurt.
  • You can say the same about Kinlaw playing 72% of the snaps. Moving forward, that’s what the 49ers need out of their former top-15 pick. Kinlaw’s blocked field goal is what we’ll remember, but he plugged running lanes and did a nice job all game
  • Through two games, and I know he doesn’t have the same sack total as Bosa, but Armstead has been the best defender on the 49ers. He’s second in the NFL in pressure percentage at 28.8%. Armstead has been outstanding. Watch Bosa’s first sack and see what Armstead did to the center. He’s a monster.
  • Kevin Givens played so little as he suffered a high-ankle sprain.
  • Al-Shaair has allowed 1.3 yards per target, a 56.2 passer rating, and has yet to miss a tackle in 130 snaps. He’s the real deal, and it’ll be fun to see him grow as Al-Shaair plays alongside Fred Warner.