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Golden Nuggets: Steve Young wants answers as to why the 49ers aren’t using Aiyuk

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Friday, September 24, 2021

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

I love when a team shows their opponents love before the game. 49ers CB Josh Norman said this about Packers WR Devante Adams: He’s special. He’s a special cat. He’s a real special cat, man.”

Green Bay’s head coach Matt LaFleur said this about Nick Bosa and Fred Warner Thursday: “He can wreck a game. He’s an elite rusher” and “He’s a stud, man. He just makes play after play after play. He’s so physical. He’s so fast. He’s so smart. He’s the leader of that defense.”

Matt LaFleur: ‘No ill will’ toward Kyle Shanahan after 49ers’ offseason interest in Aaron Rodgers

“Kyle’s a great friend of mine,” LaFleur said Wednesday, via ESPN. “I haven’t talked to him in a while, [but] it’s just part of the business [and] you start kind of getting into your own routine. But yeah, absolutely, I hold no ill will toward him.”

It would be negligent for the 49ers, a team that believes they’re poised to contend immediately, to not check in on the availability of Rodgers. Kicking the tires is nothing more than a team doing its due diligence in a never-ending pursuit of success.

“It is what it is,” LaFleur said of the 49ers’ dalliance with Rodgers. “Like, I understand. He’s trying to do whatever he thinks he needs to do for his football team. He’s got a responsibility to everybody in that organization, and if there’s an opportunity, I don’t hold that against him. So that will have no effect on our relationship.”

49ers offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel ‘encouraged’ about Trey Sermon’s injury progress, addresses RB situation for Sunday

“I’ve been encouraged in terms of talking to him and he feels good, but again, it’s a protocol,” McDaniel said. “So, as a coach, you have to prepare. You can’t be like, ‘Oh well, we thought he was going to play.’ So you’re encouraged by it but you approach it like he’s not going to play because that’s the worst case scenario and you move on from there.”

Steve Young can’t understand Brandon Aiyuk’s low 49ers usage

“He’s a tremendous weapon with the speed, he’s shown such great things,” Young said on the “Steve Young Show.” “So what is going on? Why can’t we know?

“I want to know. I want to know what’s happening.”

Aiyuk showed during the offseason and training camp that he has to continue “learning how to be a pro.” But to Young, he believes that Shanahan could handle things differently if he is in fact punishing Aiyuk in a sense.

“You can make your statement to someone in a quarter or half, put him on ice, let him know that it doesn’t work and let them respond,” Young said. ”This feels like ... what are we doing?

49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo getting it done without frills, flash

Shanahan remained with Garoppolo and allowed him to work through his issues. Garoppolo ended up finishing the first half on a hot streak, including a perfectly thrown pass to wide receiver Deebo Samuel, which he caught 16 yards down the field and turned into a 40-yard gain.

Although certainly not perfect through two games, Garoppolo has done enough to help the 49ers open with two victories and silence any serious discussion about the club potentially turning to quarterback Trey Lance so early in his rookie season.

Kyle Shanahan ‘kind of terrified’ Deebo Samuel as 49ers rookie

“I wouldn’t say bad side, but as a rookie, though, I was kind of terrified of Kyle,” Samuel said on “Damon, Ratto and Kolsky. As a rookie, trying to learn this offense, and he expects you to be top-tier, and you’re not actually there, and it was kind of getting frustrating. But me and Kyle had our days in games where we kind of bumped heads a little bit, and it’s just coaching, really, so I take coaching very well. We never had an altercation or anything along those lines. He just wants what’s best for every player that he has.”