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Ryans: I’m happy for D-Mo to get experience. He did really well for us this past Sunday

Defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans shines light on Deommodore Lenoir.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans spoke to the media Thursday while answering questions ranging from cornerback play to Azeez Al-Shaair missing tackles.

He shines a light on Deommodore Lenoir below:

How do weigh that if CB Emmanuel Moseley’s able to return this week with him and DB Deommodore Lenior? With kind of the vet guy versus the rookie?

“Yeah, we have options there at cornerback. So, with E-Man and D-Mo, Josh, all those guys are capable of going out and playing for us. And the good thing about it, D-Mo, E-Man, they’ve played a lot of ball for us. I’m happy for D-Mo to get experience. So, he did really well for us this past Sunday. Again, just competing, never shied away from anybody or anything. He’s stepped up, competed, and I love that about D-Mo. So, we got a lot of guys there who can step in and help us.”

Outside of snoozing on a 91-yard heave, Lenoir had a great game. I mentioned how he’s facing a taller task in guarding Davante Adams this week against the Packers. Lenoir is young but suited for the task.

His ability to mirror receivers, coupled with his awareness and willingness to tackle should welcome a big game.

Above, you can see Lenoir takes zero false steps out of his break for the tackle. Nothing major, but it just shows you how much of a natural he is.

The Niners appear to be in Quarters coverage, where Lenoir would be traveling with the receiver if he went vertical. However, once Jalen Hurts escapes the pocket, Lenoir plants to make a play on DeVonta Smith.

Lenoir is in press-man trail technique as Hurts targets Smith deep in the play above. He made a great play downfield despite Smith getting a step on him.

Facing a good route runner with an adequate release was a quality quiz for Lenoir. Whereas Sunday, he’s facing a meaningful test. Of course, Smith isn't on the level of Adams, who is one of the savviest route runners in the league.

There was likely a miscommunication on the Eagles’ end, but you can't ignore Lenoirs’ instincts when the ball is thrown.

He almost has his first career interception. Aaron Rodgers is capable of making every throw. If Lenoir can stay disciplined and trust his technique, he will put himself in a position to get his first interception Sunday night.


Adams won’t be Lenoir’s only test. Robert Tonyan or Aaron Jones could be targeted when Lenoir is near. But, again, he’s up for the task. Ryans has shown that he's comfortable blitzing mirrored while playing man coverage behind it.

All of the cornerbacks will have to continue to stand strong. Rodgers is a precise quarterback who is careful with the football. Ryans will need to dial up plays that will confuse Rodgers and the offensive line. Blitzing helps to confuse the offensive line but leaves the cornerbacks in a vulnerable spot when playing man.

I think Ryans will do different things with his exceptional safety duo. Maybe more post-snap rotation and more blitzing from a two-high shell. The secondary will need the defensive line to generate pressure when Rodgers drops back.

All in all, I don't think the Packers score over 20 points. The defensive line should have a field day with their best offensive lineman out. San Francisco needs to clean up the issues from last week and execute another win in all three phases.