Shanahan flunks his genius test

General take: GB outplayed the Niners both offensively and defensively. Although they won by 1, they seemed a full TD the better team.

Problems: Thin secondary that got thinner as the game progressed. Top five RB out for this game, while Shanahan’s design is a strong run game.

Genius Fail:

I’ll save the biggest fail for last.

1. Jimmy was constantly under pressure – more so than Rogers.

2. Non-effective running game.

3. Failure to adapt, both pre-game and during the game.


As I featured in my pre-game post, the obvious answer for both the running game and to prevent a stacked D front, the anwer would be obvious to a genius. Play Lance & Jimmy G at the same time on at least a dozen occasions. If Lance takes a lateral, it extends the play at least two seconds. Time enough for some deep passes. It opens the front for some 10 to 15 yard runs by Lance.

Lance isn’t a fragile toy. He’s smart enough to slide instead of heading for the sideline for an extra yard, as Jimmy G did in his first major injury.

Even if Lance misses his long shots, it still deeply disturbs the D.


I couldn’t believe, like many on Niner Nation that he didn’t go for it at mid-field. Rogers had already shown that the Niners would need in the range of 30 points to win this game. Big flunk.

Even worse, the Packers last drive. The D has lost 2 corners from the already weak ranks. Where or where is help to come from to prevent a 37-second comeback? Guess what, they are sitting on the bench. Take 2 heavies on the line & put in safties or RB. More important, put two of you fastest receivers in as corner backs. They stand 10 yards off the line of scrimmage. You telling me that Debo and company can’t fight to take a ball away? They do this all the time on poorly thrown passes. They are elite talents.

A genius could figure these things out. Shanahan was not only out-coached. He flunked the genius test.

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