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49ers in Five: Dee Ford is ready to make big plays again

This is very, very good news

Everything you need to know in about 5 minutes

After missing last year with an injured back/neck, Dee Ford says he is ready to face the Lions in Week 1. As if Jared Goff needed any more problems.

Speaking with the media yesterday, Ford said he hasn’t really felt out of sync despite his long absence.

“I’ve never really felt out of rhythm coming back because I stayed here most of the offseason. I worked my hands every day. There was nothing I really needed to do to get back to being consistent.”

While Ford did acknowledge he’ll be on a pitch count, as he put it, that doesn’t lessen the impact he can have on the game.

“My role is to do what they brought me here to do,” he said, “Make big plays.”

Remember, Ford was a key part of the Super Bowl defense in 2019 despite only playing in 22% of the defensive snaps. When it comes to pass rushers like Ford, quality definitely tops quantity.

Kyle Shanahan has consistently praised Ford for his comeback and has expressly stated last week on KNBR how different he looks this year as opposed to trying to gut things out last season.

Time will tell how much he can contribute in 2021, but at least for one week, Ford will be back out on the field terrorizing opposing quarterbacks.

For more on this story, as well as the health of Trey Lance, download today’s 49ers in Five podcast wherever you get your podcasts.