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Golden Nuggets: Larry Fitzgerald is excited to see what Trent Sherfield can do on the 49ers

Your daily San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, September 9, 2021

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Las Vegas Raiders v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

Real football is here. What better way to start the season than with a Cowboys loss? A 49ers win. For Week 1, we should have both of those, and, if we’re lucky a loss to the Seahawks, too.

What would be one reason the Lions win? You have to reallllly reach for reasons. Unlike last year, Jimmy Garoppolo has a healthy group of receivers to throw to during Week 1. Unlike last year, this isn’t a divisional opponent. The difference in talent and speed is stark, among 17 other reasons why the 49ers should win comfortably.

What say you?

49ers news: Kyle Shanahan’s non-answer on QB battle with Trey Lance

Or at least according to Shanahan, who’s been irked by the repeated inquires of reporters on the 49ers’ QB situation.

“I feel like all you guys have got to do is look at how I’ve talked since July 27. I almost wish I wasn’t hard-headed with it but I feel like you guys have been a little hard-headed and keep asking. I feel like I’ve already answered it. So, I’ll keep it at that.”

The 49ers, whether it’s Garoppolo or Lance starting, should not only focus on their quarterback quandary if they want to bounce back from their dismal campaign last season.

49ers Notebook: Starting QB announced, Lance throws again, and no good news for Jalen Hurd

The bigger concern is at corner, which explained the Josh Norman signing. Here was Shanahan’s assessment of the corner position:

“Well, we got a couple of options on practice squad guys we could pull up,” Shanahan said. “And I also think the five guys that we do have on our roster, they all should be healthy and available too. This will be [CB] Josh’s [Norman] second practice, so we’ll see how he goes throughout the week. Whether he feels comfortable with learning the stuff and where he is physically with just not being in camp very long. So, all those guys are a possibility though.”

Larry Fitzgerald excited for NFL to see what 49ers’ Trent Sherfield can do

“He never once complained about the lack of opportunities (with the Cardinals). He was only committed to improving and not allowing the things he didn’t control to chip away at him mentally.

“The 49ers are getting a player the team, organization and community can all be proud to have. I personally can’t wait for the rest of the league to see what all of us close to him have seen for the past three years.”

49ers over/unders: Can Nick Bosa, Dee Ford and alternating QBs top 2019 squad?

More sacks, Fred Warner or Javon Kinlaw

Background: Warner had one last year; Kinlaw had 1 1/2.

Kawakami: Kinlaw. I think Warner will get one or two more than he got last season if new defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans, as expected, blitzes him more. But I think Kinlaw was close to several more sacks than he got last season and should land a few of those in 2021. I’ll say three sacks for Warner and four for Kinlaw.

Barrows: Warner. Ryans probably will blitz more than his predecessor and Warner will be one of the extra rushers he regularly sends. I think he’ll finish with four sacks, Kinlaw with 3 1/2.

49ers news: One NFC player thinks Raheem Mostert wins MVP

Of the eight dark-horse players predicted to potentially compete for an MVP award this season, Mostert and Washington Football Team EDGE Chase Young were the only two non-quarterbacks, and Lombardo recorded the vote tallies as follows:

  1. Justin Herbert (4 votes)
  2. Baker Mayfield (2 votes)
  3. Ryan Tannehill (2 votes)
  4. Chase Young (2 votes)
  5. Matthew Stafford (2 votes)
  6. Dak Prescott (1 vote)
  7. Jalen Hurts (1 vote)
  8. Raheem Mostert (1 vote)

As far as the speed factor goes, this player’s prediction does have some merit. After all, Mostert held the top-two spots for fastest ball-carrier in 2020, according to Next Gen Stats, recording an overall top speed of 23.09 miles per hour in Week 2 last year.