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49ers in Five: George Kittle wants to face the Rams again in the playoffs

“That was a fun body bag game”

Everything you need to know in five minutes

The rivalry between the 49ers and Rams has officially reached a level we haven’t seen in years. Sean McVay’s bunch was definitely conscious of getting physically dominated for a sixth straight time, they tried to throw a quote from George Kittle back in his face during the game. Kittle was having none of it.

“Apparently I used a body bag quote that they used in their locker room this entire week. I was saying it was for both sides of the ball. ‘Whoever it is, Rams or Niners, someone is leaving in a body bag.’

We go down 17-0 and I had five guys chirping at me in my ear saying, ‘Hey, guys are putting you body bag Kittle.’ I was like, ‘A lot of time up on that clock, boys.’ And hopefully I can see them again because that was a fun body-bag game.”

The Rams might not admit it, but they wanted this game badly. The 49ers had beaten them five straight times - sometimes with clearly lesser teams. Sean McVay was celebrating in the end zone with his players after touchdowns. The 49ers had 22 total yards in the first half before their final drive that made it 17-3. LA had every right to feel confident.

Given the 49ers’ recent history against the Rams, they too had a right to feel confident.

George Kittle usually talks a lot, but he usually don’t talk a lot of trash. That right there was a little smack from 85, and I love it. His response shows the resiliency of this 49ers team, which now heads into the playoffs winners of four of their last six regular season games.

San Francisco definitely took the more difficult road, but nonetheless the 49ers are in the playoffs. They have an elite offensive play-caller, a defense that seems to be getting healthier, and a battle-tested roster that is chock full of playoff (and Super Bowl) experience. Buckle up!

You can also hear the best radio calls from the game, as well as from Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo in today’s 49ers in Five podcast! Download it everywhere every weekday morning! If you need more on the 49ers, check out the Instant Reaction podcast as well, or watch the show on YouTube here.