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Golden Nuggets: Victory Monday... for the ages

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, January 10, 2022

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Jimmy Garoppolo leads San Francisco 49ers’ comeback from 17 down to stun Los Angeles Rams in OT, clinch NFC playoff spot

“Left for dead at halftime much like they were at the halfway point of their season, the Niners, led by a gutsy performance from quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, scratched and clawed their way back from a 17-point deficit for a dramatic 27-24 win in overtime against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.”

Ambry Thomas sends the 49ers to the playoffs

“It was a rough rookie season for 49ers rookie CB Ambry Thomas. Injuries pushed him into action late in the year, and he started each of the final five games with improvement in each of those contests. Thomas’ biggest play of the year came on the last play of the regular season.”

After harrowing first half, 49ers storm back to clinch playoff berth with sixth-straight win over Rams

“But with 45 seconds left in the first half, Matthew Stafford, who was excellent to begin the game, was sacked by both Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead on third-and-one... That was a fairly clear turning point, as the 49ers burned their first timeout and started a drive with 38 seconds remaining in the half at their own 15.”

What we learned as 49ers’ incredible comeback clinches playoff spot

“But the Saints took care of the Falcons 30-20, so the 49ers had to do all the work themselves. They did, and will face the NFC East champion Dallas Cowboys in the wild-card round next week.”

49ers at Rams player grades: Jimmy Garoppolo shines in the clutch again

“But, Jimmy Garoppolo and Kyle Shanahan came out with a mission, scoring two touchdowns to tie the game at 17 off a creative Deebo Samuel touchdown pass to Jauan Jennings. In addition, the 49ers were suffocating on defense in the 2nd half, holding the Rams to just one drive over 15 yards, which held a powerful Los Angeles offense to just 24 points.”

Deebo Samuel explains 49ers’ strategic ploy that set up trick-play TD

“It kind of started early in the game,” Samuel said. “Kyle put an emphasis on getting around the edge, and you can see early on Jalen was the first one there when I would get around the edge. So we set it up and knew he was going to bite.”

Ambry Thomas makes a believer out of Shanahan, 49ers Faithful with game-sealing interception

“Ambry, he’s definitely made a believer out of me in the second half of the season,” Shanahan said Sunday. “I would not have believed he could have with how it started off. That sounds kind of harsh, but it’s not. It’s a huge compliment. It took him some time, but when he got his opportunity, which was from injuries, he was ready. And he competed and he just showed a lot what’s in him. Watching him these last five games, I feel like I know the guy a lot better than before, and he’s shown us that he’s someone we can count on. I think he’s going to do the right stuff and continue to get better.”

49ers had lowest minimum win probability of any team to eventually win a game of all-time, per Next Gen Stats

“After the 49ers punted on 4th & 16 with 1:57 remaining, they had just a 0.4% chance to win the game, being down 24-17. To come back, they had to complete multiple tasks, and accomplished them all.”

49ers clinch playoff berth with stunning 27-24 overtime victory over Rams

“The 49ers’ playoff hopes were hanging by a thread late in Sunday’s game against the Rams.”

Killion: ‘He was unbelievable;’ Jimmy Garoppolo etches his name into 49ers’ lore‘He was unbelievable;’ Jimmy Garoppolo etches his name into 49ers’ lore (paywall)

“And in a game that became an instant classic, a rivalry epic, played in a year-old Southern California stadium, filled to the brim with red-clad 49ers fans, Garoppolo delivered a legendary performance.”

Kawakami: Jimmy Garoppolo’s greatest throw, exactly when the 49ers desperately needed it (paywall)

“At that moment, the 49ers had come storming back from a 17-0 deficit. Garoppolo had come back from a wobbly start. But the Rams were still ahead 24-17 and there was under a minute left. The 49ers were at their own 38-yard line. Garoppolo dropped back, hesitated a beat and then threw a pass that was directly in my sightline down from the SoFi Stadium press box.”

Grading 49ers’ offense, defense in playoff-clinching win

“Well ... let’s do the math ... the first 29 minutes, 22 seconds were about as bad as it could have gotten for the 49ers..... but the last 30:38 of regulation and 8:08 of overtime more than made up for it.”

Watch and listen: 49ers players’ on-field reactions after beating the Rams

“Obviously, 49ers players were euphoric at the end of the game. Below are some videos posted to the 49ers’ official Twitter account showing players celebrating the well-deserved win over a division rival.”

Killion: Receiver Jauan Jennings emerges as 49ers’ secret weapon (paywall)

“It’s humbling to get drafted in the seventh round, it’s humbling to get cut, go on practice squad. It’s humbling to get hurt and not be able to play,” Jennings said. “But it’s about the way you bounce back. This team makes it easy to bounce back because someone is always in your corner picking you up.”

Barrows: “Body bags and body blows: How the 49ers pounded their way back to secure a playoff spot” (paywall)

“The touchdown was perhaps the biggest blow the 49ers delivered in the grudge-match game in which the Rams raced out to a 17-0 lead but steadily lost ground as Samuel and company punched, clawed and pounded their way back and into the postseason. They’ll visit the Cowboys at 1:30 p.m. Sunday in the wild-card round.”

Jimmy G adapting to thumb injury as 49ers’ playoff quest begins

“It feels great, feels great right now. After a win, of course,” Garoppolo said after the victory over the Rams. “It got better as it went, I would say. Honestly, with injuries like that, your body is just learning and adapting the whole time. Early on, it was pretty numb and then just got better and better as it went. I think my arm just kind of learned how to adapt to it.”

Lombardi: ‘Storybook ending’: Ambry Thomas’ walk-off interception in L.A. encapsulated the 49ers’ wild journey (paywall)

“Consider Thomas’ path emblematic of the 49ers’ larger journey this season. They were far from perfect through the campaign, but their promise was definitely apparent at many junctures. And at the very end, just in the nick of time, they sealed the deal to stave off what would’ve been an epic level of frustration.”