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49ers in Five: Michael Irvin is scared for the Cowboys against the 49ers

“I did not want this matchup for Dallas”

Everything you need to know in about five minutes

The second the 49ers beat the Rams, the world knew they were headed to Arlington to take on the Cowboys. One Dallas fan who wasn’t thrilled at that development is Hall of Famer and former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin, who appeared on 95.7 The Game earlier this week.

“The way the [Rams] game played out. You’re down 17, then you fight back, you end up winning the game. It solidifies everything the Niners have been about. That’s why I’ve been moaning and groaning. I did not want this matchup for Dallas. I wanted to send San Fran to Green Bay, or out there to knock off the Rams. I did not want this matchup, man. You saw what Arizona did last week running the football, and they had a lot of people out.

I’d rather have Matthew Stafford, because he’s going to throw me one. I’d rather take Kyler Murray, cause he’s going to try to do stuff, and I’ll get one. Kyle Shanahan makes sure he locks up Jimmy G. pretty good, and he sticks to that running game better than any of those guys, which scares me for Dallas.”

For those of you that may not know, Michael Irvin has never lacked for confidence in his life, so his comments are surprising. Irvin is hardly the only national NFL analyst to express those thoughts this week. Brian Baldinger of NFL Network and Dan Orlovsky of ESPN have also talked about how the 49ers are bad matchup for Dallas.

There’s a long way to go between now and Sunday, but there is already a definite feeling that the 49ers have more than a puncher’s chance against the third seeded Cowboys. Check out today’s 49ers in Five podcast if you’d like to hear more about that and the latest news about other teams trying to hire away the Niners’ coaches and executives.