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Golden Nuggets: Game. Day.

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Sunday, January 16, 2022

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What to look for in 49ers-Cowboys playoff matchup

“San Francisco’s defense is as healthy and confident as its been all year and leans on Cover-3, which has troubled Dak Prescott and the Cowboys more than any other this season. The defensive line has been getting home consistently, and the Dallas offense has looked out of sync recently, using the final regular season game against a threadbare Eagles team to boost confidence.”

Barrows: How Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers compare to their 2019 playoff selves (paywall)

“Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two 49ers squads heading into Sunday’s playoff opener.”

Williams ready for usual, important role as 49ers’ nickel back

“Nickel back K’Waun Williams made the choice to sit out the 49ers’ regular-season finale because he felt his lack of preparedness might hinder the team’s defense.

Mitch Wishnowsky clears concussion protocol, will punt for 49ers Sunday

The 49ers won’t have to use kicker Robbie Gould as their punter again this weekend... Mitch Wishnowsky has cleared the concussion protocol and he is set to play against the Cowboys in Sunday’s playoff game.

Bosa credits private chef, strict diet for team-low body fat

“Yeah it’s definitely helped,” Bosa said when asked about his chef. “I just wanted to take one facet of what I do to the next level. I’ve got an amazing chef, Chef Anna, shout out. She’ll come in two days a week and cook for almost the whole week. There’s a really good fish market right near my house so she gets fresh fish from there. There’s poke, ceviche, delicious fish. Chicken, steak and then the salad she makes to accompany them are top-notch.”

Steve Young envisions 49ers playoff win, jokingly looks past Cowboys

“That is some confidence from the ESPN analyst. The radio hosts wanted Young to tone down the optimism and not jinx the Bay Area squad, even joking that nobody should be checking the weather reports for next weekend in Green Bay, Wisconsin.”