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49ers vs. Cowboys second half thread: Score 30 and win the game

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

If I were to tell you before this game kicked off that the 49ers would hold Dallas to seven points in the first half, you’d be thrilled. If you knew San Francisco would have a two-possession lead going into halftime, you’d take that every day of the week.

The defense was once again outstanding while the offense played bully ball for most of the half before settling for field goals. If the Niners turn those two drives into field goals this half, we’ll be in Lambeau Field next week.

Dallas is going to score. You know that, and it’s difficult to hold them down for four quarters. The Niners would start the third quarter short-handed as star edge rusher Nick Bosa was being evaluated for a head injury.

The defensive line is full of depth, but there’s no replacing a stud like Bosa. Someone will have to make up for his loss. At the same time, the offense scoring will negate Bosa not being on the field.