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49ers in Five: Deebo Samuel demanded the ball in crunch time

“Hey listen, just give me the ball, I got you.”

Everything you need to know in five minutes!

As the old saying goes, big players make big plays in big games. In the case of the 49ers’ Wild Card win over the Cowboys on Sunday, no one was bigger than Deebo Samuel. With the team looking to capitalize on a Dak Prescott interception to hopefully put the game away in the third quarter, Samuel made sure to let Kyle Shanahan know what was up.

“When K’Waun [Williams] got the interception, I looked at Kyle and I was like, ‘Hey listen, just give me the ball, I got you.’ So I just went out there and the next play, I scored.”

Samuel’s 26 yard cutback run put the 49ers up 23-7, and ultimately gave them just enough points to hold on for the win. Kyle Shanahan explained what happened after the game.

“Right before he went out there, he just mouthed something to me, which I kind of guessed was, ‘Give me the ball.’ When I look at him talking that way, it’s extremely motivating. He makes it a lot easier to call plays.”

Samuel rewarded Shanahan for his faith on that play, and for much of the day. Deebo carried a huge portion of the 49ers’ offense on Sunday, racking up 110 of their 341 total yards on 13 touches (including that TD).

While Samuel certainly wasn’t the only star for the 49ers in this game, it is clear that he is developing into more than just a number one option, and more than just a star. Deebo Samuel is becoming a superstar right before our eyes, and the 49ers are reaping the benefits.