Jimmy Garoppolo scoring an F

McVay says F the Draftpicks! I’m trying to win a Super Bowl! He’s all in and it didn’t matter how much it cost him to get rid of his Weak link. He traded Goff and brought in Stafford. In the meantime Kyle has been holding on to Jimmy and trying to prop up his Trade Value by starting him after the Tennessee debacle. Is that late Round pick for next Year’s Trade for Garoppolo so important? How much value do you think Jimmy will get us with his performance at Tennessee? I mean did Montana give an excuse for that? How about the Rams performance? And now the Dallas performance?

Here’s what I’m talking about. YouTube Short of Jimmy trying to throw our Season away and scoring an F. So Kyle, McVay made his move all Year. He’s all in for the SUPERBOWL this Year. What you going to do?

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