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49ers in Five: Mike McDaniel “not too concerned” about Jimmy Garoppolo

“We can all count on Jimmy doing whatever it takes...”

Everything you need to know in five minutes

Wednesday’s practice report was full of good news. Among other things, Nick Bosa was upgraded to limited, and Azeez Al-Shaair and Fred Warner practiced in full. One other good sign was the return to full practice of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. In even more positive news, Mike McDaniel offered this response when asked about QB1 before practice.

“It’s a bump and a bruise that for him is a big deal, but for the San Francisco 49ers, our fan base and us, we can all count on Jimmy doing whatever it takes so that he can perform at the level he needs to on Saturday. So I’m not too concerned. The practice has yet to happen, but if I was a crystal ball reader, which I’ve declared that I’m not, I would anticipate him throwing it well today and us moving forward from there.”

Of all the 49ers coaches that regularly speak with the media, McDaniel is the most straightforward. Listen to any one of his press conference and you’ll hear answers full of humor and largely free of coach speak. That trait may not serve him well if he eventually becomes a head coach one day, but it’s great for anyone listening. I’m not naive enough to think that McDaniel would ever put something out there that wasn’t in the vein of what the 49ers wanted him to say, but he doesn’t quite put the polish on the message the way a John Lynch or a Kyle Shanahan would. I think you can glean more truth from what he says.

As the 49ers progress further and further into the playoffs, they’re going to need better and better games from Jimmy Garoppolo if they want to be successful. It sounds like even though he’s a little more banged up than last week, he should still be able to go out on the field and produce results.