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Joe Staley: Jimmy Garoppolo’s shoulder is “definitely something to watch”

Staley joined today’s Niners Nation Gold Standard podcast

Joe Staley returns for a second straight week!

For the second week in a row, 49ers legend Joe Staley joined the Niners Nation Gold Standard podcast to help us break down their upcoming playoff matchup. With Jimmy Garoppolo dealing with two separate injuries to his throwing mechanism, we asked him how much of a factor they will be against the Packers.

“I think the injury is definitely something to watch this week. Already with the thumb, but now the throwing shoulder. It’s also to the extent of what that is. I could say that my finger is jammed and it’s going to affect my blocking as an offensive lineman, but really how much is it? It’s going to affect it because it’s a jammed finger, but is it actually broken? Is it actually affecting my job?

Only Jimmy knows that, and he’s not going to let anybody know how much it’s actually affecting him. Jimmy is a tremendous competitor. Guys really respect that about him. They know that if he’s out there, he’s making no excuses about anything. I can guarantee you, regardless of what you hear in the media. He’s not telling anybody in the huddle, he’s not telling anybody on the practice field this week, ‘Oh, my shoulder is killing me and that’s why I didn’t throw it to you right there, I don’t want to mess it up.’

If he’s on the field, he’s going to be out there and give it everything he has. I would expect him to play just as efficient as he played against the Rams. I know he threw the two interceptions in that game but he was also incredibly efficient, especially in the second half, of bringing them back in.

He’s not going to let whatever he’s dealing with, whatever ailments he has, I don’t think he’s going to be letting that affect him at all - especially in a big game like this.”

There was a marked difference in Garoppolo’s performance in the first half (11/14 for 133 yards) versus the second half (5/11 for 39 yards and an interception) last Sunday. That said, Garoppolo will also have nearly a week of rest and treatment under his belt that wasn’t available against the Cowboys. It’s entirely possible his shoulder will feel much different this week than it did in Texas on Sunday.

Ultimately, Joe said it best. If Garoppolo is on the field, he’s going to be expected to get the ball to the proper place, on target, and on time. Everyone out there is dealing with one thing or another at this point, and the players that can overcome it the best are the ones that will play for a shot at the Super Bowl.

You should definitely check out the entire interview, which you can find on the Niners Nation YouTube page or in podcast form here.

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