Are the 49ers playing with house money?

I went into the Divisional game with low expectations because I just felt blessed the 9ers made it this far. I thought they were lucky to make the playoffs at all considering where they were at the halfway point. But are they lucky to be here?

On the one hand the 9ers aren't getting much love with their 3 latest victories. All the sports talk has been about how Green Bay beat themselves. Last week all the talk was how Dallas beat themselves. The week before all the talk was how Stafford underthrew that last ball. So it would seem the 9ers are playing with house money. On the other hand, the 9ers were a popular preseason Superbowl pick. I'm not sure I lean more towards one or the other.

I thought there was a way to insert a poll question, but I don't see that option so I guess a fanpost isn't how to do that. Anyways, do you think the 9ers were supposed to get to the NFC Championship game?

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