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Sunday Playoff thread: Rooting for the Bucs and the Bills

Can today’s games top yesterday?

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The day kicks off with Sean McVay and the Rams on the road against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both teams will be without their best offensive linemen. Left tackle Andrew Whitworth for Los Angeles and right tackle Tristan Wirfs for the Bucs will be inactive.

So, both teams are coming into this game, hobbled along the offensive line with the best pass rush and the deepest defensive line in the NFL awaiting in a week. The stars are aligning for the 49ers.

I think we see a big game from Rob Gronkowski. The Rams' weakness on defense is over the middle of the field. The team that invested heavily in its defensive line and all-everything cornerback is weak at linebacker.

Kliff Kingsbury failed to attack the Rams linebackers, and Kyler Murray struggles in the short to intermediate part of the field — insert height joke. The Bucs have Rob Gronkowski. Jalen Ramsey will likely shadow Mike Evans as Tampa Bay is without Chris Godwin or Antonio Brown. I’d assume that’s where Byron Leftwich attacks.

This is a huge game for Matthew Stafford to re-write the narrative on himself. Also, what about McVay? You don’t get credit for beating Kliff Kingsbury. That’s not why you traded Jared Goff. You made that move to beat the best, like Tom Brady.

In the AFC matchup, this should be the most entertaining game. Josh Allen and the Bills get a chance to take down the AFC Champions. Based on last week, you’d think Allen would be more than up for the task. Also, the Bills have an intelligent defense, and I don’t expect them to give up all of the big plays to the Chiefs, just some.

Andy Reid will get his points, but if Brian Daboll and Allen had that type of success against Bill Belichick, we could safely assume Buffalo will score at will on the Chiefs.