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49ers in Five: The Rams are already worried about the Faithful taking over SoFi again

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Everything you need to know in five minutes

The 49ers are going back to SoFi Stadium for the NFC Championship game, and the Rams are already worried about it. How worried? Apparently worried enough to bar fans outside the LA area from getting tickets via TicketMaster — before the Rams were even technically in the NFC Championship game.

It got even more desperate than that.

That is the wife of Rams tackle Andrew Whitworth imploring people not to sell their tickets to anyone who bleeds scarlet and gold. Not to be outdone, here’s Joe Staley:

In Week 18, there were so many 49ers fans in SoFi the home team had to go to a silent count, and it clearly caught them off guard. Can we do it again next week? The Rams seem to think so. Sean McVay made sure to try and drum up support after the game:

Good luck. You’re gonna need it. The fact that the Rams needed to come out and say this is an embarrassment.