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49ers in Five: Ross Tucker says the Garoppolo/Lance situation is working out perfectly

“Everything’s turning up Niners right now”

NFL: JAN 09 49ers at Rams Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Westwood One’s Ross Tucker joined Steiny and Guru on 95.7 The Game this week and said the 49ers are in the best place to be when it comes to their quarterback situation.

“This is actually like best-case scenario, on some level, for next year, because the Niners are winning, they’re having success, they’re in the NFC Championship game, legit chance to go to the Super Bowl— but they’re not really winning because of Jimmy. They’re almost winning in spite of him, and I know he’s banged up or whatever, but he’s always banged up.

If I’m a Niners fan, I can envision them having the same success a year from now with Trey Lance. I think it’s working out perfectly. I think the Niners have Trey Lance in year two, getting extra preparation and seeing what it’s like to be on a winning team. And Jimmy’s playing well enough that one of these desperate teams will trade for him. I think everything’s turning up Niners right now.”

Ross is far from the only NFL analyst talking about the potential quandary the team could be in if they win two more games this season. There’s no question Garoppolo has more trade value now than he did earlier this year when the team was 3-5. I do admit that things could eventually get a little bit hairy if the 49ers were to win a Super Bowl with Jimmy G. this year, but now that we’re one game away from the big game, let’s cross that bridge when we get to it.

Anyone that’s ready anything I’ve written this year knows my stance on the QBs, but we’re past the point of worrying about Trey Lance’s development in his rookie season. Twenty-eight other teams and fan bases would do anything they could to be where the 49ers are now. This is conference championship week, and it makes no sense to spend it worrying about what happens if the 49ers win a Super Bowl.