Primed and Ready for 2023, or Are We??

This question was brought up in a previous post, but was fairly overlooked, so I'd like to know more.

The 49ers seem primed and ready for next season having Trey Lance as the 49ers QB of the present and future, and that is all great and I'm excited for it as anyone; HOWEVER, Kyle and ALL of us fans know how important it is for a competitive team to have a solid backup to hold down the fort in case the starter gets injured..

Well, that begs the question, because we know Sudfield aint it, who should be the 49ers backup QB next season. We already know that Lynch and Kyle are going to have to devote alot of the 49ers resources to the secondary, locking down some key free agents, and possibly some funds are going to be needed for the OL and adding a WR or two as well, but I think it would also be wise to save a decent chunk to add one of the higher tiered backups.

I would feel alot better going into next season if Kyle was to bring in a guy like Mariota, Brisset, or even Mitch Trubisky. Tyrod Taylor might not even be the worst option, just as long as we don't have to see J.Johnson, Beathard, or Sudfield...

Who do you guys want as the backup next year, if Lance is in fact handed over the keys?? Someone I've mentioned, an experienced rookie coming out of the draft, or is there someone else you'd like to see work as the backup or as a mentor for Trey Lance??

Please comment and let me know below...

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