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49ers jersey combo, referee crew, and ticket prices for the NFC Championship

This crew is one of the most experienced in the league, with Carl Cheffers having 15 postseason games and two Super Bowls under his belt

Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The 49ers are in another NFC Championship. This time, it’s against the Rams in Los Angeles at Levi’s South Stadium. Our friends over at Turf Show Times wrote an article titled “why fears of a Bay Area invasion exposes deeper issues for the Rams.”

The Rams' attempt to limit ticket sales turned into a disaster quicker than Sean McVay prematurely ran onto the field to celebrate a touchdown in the middle of the game in Week 18.

The plan to prevent 49er fans from taking over their stadium ignored there are plenty, if not more, Niners fans than Rams fans in the greater Los Angeles area.

Also, it’s not as if this would be a cross-country trip. But, insecurities aside, Turf Show Times believes SoFi Stadium will be 65% full of Niner fans Sunday.

If you want to go to this game, you’re going to have to spend a pretty penny. TickPick tracks prices for every game and, according to them, the NFC Championship game has the most expensive average ticket price ever for an NFC championship game. For example, the average price for Sunday’s game is $400 more than it would have cost you to attend the Packers/49ers NFC Championship in 2019.

Those ticket prices are if you’re sitting in the upper corner of SoFi Stadium in section 552.

The 49ers will wear the same jersey combo as they did last week in Lambeau Field. The white tops with the gold pants. I doubt I’m in the minority when I say the team should take the fine and wear the all-white jersey combo.

As for the referee crew, Carl Cheffers, a 61-year-old ref with 15 postseason games and two Super Bowls — LI and LV — under his belt, and his crew will be in Los Angeles.

If you look at, Cheffers and his crew threw six more flags than the crew in second place, despite referring one fewer game. Cheffers and company threw 266 flags, which was 11 more than second place, but 37 were dismissed. On average, Cheffers’ crew threw 14 penalties per game, which also led the NFL.

Buckle up.

To be fair to Cheffers, he won’t be working with his usual crew since this is the playoffs. The 49ers were 2-1 this season with Cheffers as the ref. In an ideal world, this game isn’t decided by flags.