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49ers vs. Rams second half thread: The Niners need at least 3 touchdowns this half

They’ll have to get stops defensively, too.

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The 49ers did not come to play in the first half. They were outscored by 14, and it felt like it should be worse. Jimmy Garoppolo threw an interception and had a back-breaking fumble that stalled a pair of drives. The offense couldn’t run the ball.

It wasn’t until the two-minute drive with 45 seconds remaining when Garoppolo went 4-for-4 for 61 yards that put points on the board for the first time. For the fifth time this season, the 49ers scored points to end the half with zero seconds on the clock.

Defensively, the 49ers didn’t stand a chance if they were going to play like this.

The Rams converted 70% of their third downs. It wasn’t as if they were getting huge chunk plays aside from Cooper Kupp’s 46-yarder. Matthew Stafford was 15-of-16 for 153 yards and two touchdowns. He was lights out during the first half. The secondary was not.

A Stafford turnover or a few big plays from the offense is the only way this game gets close. It’s only two possessions, and the 49ers get the ball to start.