NN Prediction Contest 2021 - Playoffs Rules and Guidelines

Playoff Prediction Contests, Rules & Guidelines

OK, now we can talk Playoffs! See rules below for the 2021 season Playoffs. Please read over that so we can have consistency in the posting.

Anyone with a account is invited play and can join at any time. There are no prizes to the winner/s except for bragging rights. The 2020 Season Rules and Guidelines apply except as modified below:

Open Contest (Open to ALL players at any time): Those players who did not make the regular season cut for the Top 16 playoff tournament are invited to play in the Open Contest. Unlike the Top 16 tournament, the Open Contest will have no weekly eliminations but will tally the cumulative total points during the Playoffs (like the regular season format) .... you're in it until the end. The player with the most cumulative points during the Playoffs will be crowned the Open Contest Champion at the conclusion of the Super Bowl.

Scores from the Top 16 players will automatically be entered in the Open Contest (no need to post two sets of scores).

NN Top 16 Tournament: The Top 16 Regular Season cumulative score players (including ties, so could be more than 16) will face off in separate contest with a slightly different format. After each playoff round, the bottom 4 contestants will be eliminated each week until we crown a NN Top 16 Contest Champion at the conclusion of the Super Bowl. Elimination will be based on the total cumulative points with the lowest 4 player cumulative points totals (including ties) eliminated each round. If you're eliminated early, you can continue to play and compete in the Open tournament.

Super Bowl Tiebreaker

The goal is to crown individual winners of the Open and Top 16 tournaments. To avoid possible player points ties after the final Super Bowl prediction game, contestants in the Open and Top 16 tournaments will be asked to provide an extra Super Bowl game prediction in the case we end up with multiple players with the most cumulative total points, which has happened before. The tiebreaker will be a prediction of the combined total offensive yards by both teams. In case of a cumulative total points tie, the closest prediction to the combined teams' total offensive yards will determine the winner. The total offensive yards will be as listed in the official ESPN Box Score.

General Rules

If you're eliminated from the NN Top 16 tournament, you can continue predicting in the Open tournament. Scores from the Top 16 players will automatically be entered in the Open tournament (no need to post two sets of scores). Note that since you are competing against two different sets of opponents, your subscore and points total may differ. For example, a subscore in the Top 16 tournament may yield 5 points, but in the Open Contest it may be less since you are competing against more player scores.

Some of the basic and usual rules will apply:

1. Each week's NFL playoff games are selected for the prediction contest. Six playoff games for the Wild Card round, four playoff games for the Divisional Round, two playoff games for the Conference Championship round, and the final Super Bowl game.

2. Prediction Scores must be submitted before game kickoff time or they will not be counted. The time-stamp of your comment counts as your prediction entry time. You may stagger your predictions throughout the week or change your original prediction but please do so using the reply button to your original comment.

3. Post your picks using the Prediction Game format as it may disqualify you from scoring if not followed, and cuts down on scoring errors.

4. Scoring Results will typically be posted following the final game of that week in a separate Scoring Results FanPost thread. We'll try to post results by the Monday after the last game each week.

5. If you believe an error occurred in the scoring of your prediction, please post a comment describing the discrepancy in the Scoring Results thread.

6. You may not submit the same prediction score more than twice in one week. This rule is specially designed to curtail 24-17, 23-17, 20-17 block prediction scores. We are also leaving this up to our judgment in case anyone wants to submit 24-17 for two scores than 23-17 for another two scores, etc. Predict to the best of your ability and don't try to game the game.

Example of Prediction Format


The format for posting score predictions is "Team A @ Team B: A score - B score." That is, "visitor @ home: visitor score - home score." Here's an example of how to do it:

Using the San Francisco @ Dallas game above as an example, if you think the 49ers will win 24-14, here's how it needs to appear:

San Francisco @ Dallas: 24 - 14, or

San Francisco @ Dallas: 24 - 14

If you think Dallas will win 24-14, it needs to appear as this:

San Francisco @ Dallas: 14 - 24, or

San Francisco @ Dallas: 14 - 24

A bold highlight of the intended winning team is not necessary but helps clarify the winning team in case of an error in the score format (see rules and guidelines). If provided, a bold highlight of the winning team will override a conflicting score format. A bold highlight of the team's individual score is not needed (and could complicate things anyway) and won't be considered in the scoring.

If you do make a mistake in the formatting and there is still time before the scheduled kickoff time, simply reply to your original post and repost your picks in the correct format. Do not post your scores again at the bottom of the thread.

BONUS RULE: For the Wild Card Round, standard bonus points will be awarded for 4, 5 or 6 wins. For the Divisional Round games, only 1 additional point will be given for 4 correct prediction winners in a week. No Bonus points will be awarded for Conference Championship and Super Bowl rounds.

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