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Golden Nuggets: Victory Monday!

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Monday, October 10, 2022

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49ers roll over Panthers, hold breath over injury worries

“They allowed their first touchdown since the Russell Wilson back-breaker in the fourth quarter in Denver. It was just the second touchdown they’ve conceded in the past 16 quarters.”

Silver: 49ers exactly where they want to be despite injuries: First place, chasing big dreams (paywall)

“After five games, two blown leads, one unexpected and abrupt quarterback transition, and a whole lot of fan-base freakouts, the Niners at last are closer to living their best lives. At 3-2, they’re alone atop the NFC West, a game ahead of the Rams, Seahawks and Cardinals.”

Kawakami: The 49ers are showing off their depth, fortitude and the right playoff stuff (paywall)

“This roster is good enough to play it a little safe in October. The 49ers have earned that by fighting back to 3-2 and by jumping to the top of the NFC West standings. They’ve shown who they are and how deep the talent runs. You can’t prove everything in five games, but you can prove how tough you are and how dangerous you can be. The 49ers are dangerous, despite the key injuries. Still dangerous. Always dangerous.”

Barrows: 49ers’ offense suddenly comes to life, but injuries dampen the winning spirit (paywall)

“He’s very good at pressing a block on the outside before he cuts upfield,” Kittle said of Coleman. “It’s one of those things that just takes guys a long time to learn, rookies especially....But when you have the speed that Tevin has and the mindset to push blocks before you cut, it just makes the blocking so much easier for us on the edges. He gets (defenders) to hop outside because they think he’s going to go outside, then he cuts right off your block. You usually end up getting a pancake (block) or something like that. Like, I think I’m a really good run-blocking tight end. Tevin makes my job a lot easier.”

Shanahan provides injury updates, fears season-ender for Moseley

“It would be a brutal blow to a secondary that’s been playing at an exception level this season. The only encouraging part of the equation is that Jason Verrett is nearing a return after spending the last four weeks out as he continued recovering from an ACL tear.”

Branch: 49ers’ blowout 37-15 win over Panthers tainted by multiple injuries (paywall)

“Coleman said Garoppolo never threw to him in practice during the week on his 30-yard sideline route.

“He was supposed to,” Coleman said. “So he was like, (Sunday) we’re going to get it. I was just ready for that play.”

Coleman smiled when he noted Garoppolo wasn’t supposed to throw it to him because he was being covered by a cornerback instead of a linebacker. Garoppolo heaved the throw as he was getting leveled.”

49ers Notebook: Offense was good but could be better; Fans show out; Mooney worth the money; George Kittle asks for turf consistency

“It wasn’t a perfect performance, but the 49ers put together what was mostly a strong showing all around, including what looked like a step forward for their offense.”

What we learned as 49ers’ defense fuels win over Panthers

“The 49ers especially were strong on third downs. While building a 30-12 lead, the 49ers converted seven of their first 11 (64 percent) third-down attempts.”

Thoughts and observations from 49ers’ 37-15 win over Panthers

“It wasn’t perfect, but the 49ers went into Carolina and for the most part dominated in a 37-15 victory to move to 3-2 on the season.”