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So, that happened! Let’s talk about it!

Join us live now on the Niners Nation YouTube page!

The 49ers came into this one extremely banged up, and unfortunately it only got worse for them in Atlanta.

The defense was missing six starters before the game even started and lost even more in a demoralizing 28-14 defeat. Atlanta pounded the ball on the ground and used timely passing from Marcus Mariota to completely dominate the game. They never trailed for a second and the entire contest was played on their terms.

Offensively, things could have been different but the 49ers receivers failed to catch the ball on multiple big plays that could have made a huge difference in the game. Ultimately, Kyle Shanahan’s bunch wasted a huge opportunity to be 4-2 going into their biggest game of the year.

Join us live now using the embedded YouTube link at the top of the page, or just click here. We’re taking your questions and comments for the next hour or so, and reacting to what gets said in the post-game press conferences.

If you miss any of the show, it will be available in podcast form soon after the broadcast. You can also go back on the YouTube page, of course.