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How the 49ers hope to avoid another let down after returning from the East Coast

Can’t start slow against the Chiefs this week

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The 49ers’ success during their two-week stay out East has been well-documented. What’s been less documented by many is the fact that they have often struggled in the game after returning to San Francisco. Kyle Shanahan addressed those struggles yesterday.

“I think there’s an adjustment just like there’s an adjustment when we go out there. Then when you go out there and you stay for a while, it takes us a while to kind of feel right and get used to the time change. And when you stay out there for as long as we did, the same thing happens coming back so I don’t know if that’s a coincidence.

I do know we struggled in the Green Bay game last year, but I also think we struggled a few games after that. I don’t think we were quite where we wanted to be at that time. I know you go back to ‘19 and we struggled versus Atlanta coming back from that big win versus New Orleans, so I know we can throw those in, which you have to be aware of it.

That’s why we didn’t have a day after a game today. Usually I have the guys all in today, but I gave it off to them just because we’ve been away so long. I want them to stay home, get their schedule right, mentally be ready to come in Wednesday, be with their families a little bit. I know they’re going to do their stuff on their own on Tuesday with all their regen things, but hopefully we give them enough rest and they come in Wednesday ready to attack and get this game plan ready for Kansas City.”

Crossing multiple time zones will always mess with human beings. Staying out East helps mitigate that effect on the front end of the trip, but it also kicks the can down the road until the team returns home.

That said, it’s nice to see that the 49ers themselves recognize the situation and are taking steps to mitigate it where they can. Another day off isn’t the worst idea for a team running on fumes toward its bye week.

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