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3 reasons why you shouldn’t panic over the 49ers' Week 6 loss to the Falcons

It’s not time to panic.......Yet!

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is under scrutiny again. The Niner’s three losses are a direct reflection of Shanahan’s flaws. Bad clock management, offensive struggles, and smoking leads are a few. However, I’m here to tell you that it’s not the perfect time to panic, and I give three reasons below.

The 49ers have no threat in the NFC West

This subheading says a lot about this 49ers team despite their head-scratching Week 6 loss. Shanahan’s equipped with a top-ten roster. So who’s the next most talented team? I’d like to lean toward the Arizona Cardinals. DeAndre Hopkins is back, and Robbie Anderson gives Kyler Murray another deep threat with an offense decorated with weapons.

The Rams are old news. I don’t care about the names of Aaron Donald, Cooper Kupp, and Jalen Ramsey (lying for motivational purposes). San Francisco is better, and I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain it.

But if you may ask, the 49ers have better pass-catchers and run circles around the Rams in the trenches. Shanahan faces foe Sean McVay in Week 8 after the Kansas City Chiefs come to town Sunday. After that, San Francisco looks to own Levi’s south again to put the division on notice.

Don’t you quit on DeMeco

DeMeco Ryans’ defense leads the NFL in yards allowed per play at 4.2. The defense is second in 1st downs allowed, nearly top three in any passing stat, and are still number one in yards per rushing attempt after the Falcons rushed over 100 yards last week.

The injuries on the defense are concerning, but Ryans can’t control that. Talanoa Hufanga entering the concussion protocol could be another blow to the mounting list of starters scheduled to miss the action.

On the bright side, both Samson Ebukam and Charles Omenihu have stepped up to fill major voids. Hassan Ridgeway and Kevin Givens are also doing dirty work without receiving praise. Adjustments never stop in the NFL, and Ryans isn’t prone to them. The defensive line and secondary will continue to shuffle. The Chiefs' offense hasn’t lost a step after the loss of superstar Tyreek Hill. Ryans must keep Patrick Mahomes guessing to keep the 49ers in this one.

It’s up to the offense to carry the load, and we knew that

Well, Well, Well. Shanahan finds himself with a familiar problem: scoring. Jimmy Garoppolo made the throws that needed to be made in back-to-back weeks after laying an egg against the Denver Broncos.

We can take it back to the preseason when Trey Lance was QB1. Everyone knew the raw 22-year-old would have some ups and downs, but we had hope that Shanahan would continuously put Lance in a position to win.

I’ll revert back to the current state to avoid coping with Lance. The stars on the offense have to pick up the slack to get the ball rolling. Garoppolo made plenty of “Oh” throws against the Falcons, and he’ll have to do that at twice the rate Sunday.