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Golden Nuggets: What was your favorite Harbaugh memory?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, October 19, 2022

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49ers add quarterback and cornerback to practice squad ahead of Chiefs game

“The San Francisco 49ers announced the signing of quarterback Kurt Benkert and cornerback Ka’dar Hollman to the practice squad.”

Kawakami: Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers’ big moment of closure is coming Sunday (paywall)

“York and Harbaugh will get the opportunity to say all these things to each other for the first time this weekend. Harbaugh will be with many of his former players and on Sunday could be involved, with the 2012 team captains, in some of the pregame ceremonies. It’s been a long time coming. It should be something pretty special to see, experience and feel.”

Realistic 49ers trade targets and what’s causing team’s chronic injury issues: Mailbag (paywall)

“The team’s Head of Player Health and Performance, Ben Peterson, doesn’t do interviews and he doesn’t let anyone on his staff do interviews. It’s weird. I’ve never covered a team on which the entire strength and conditioning and medical staffs are off limits. It creates a shadowy vibe.”

49ers overreactions: Shanahan’s play-calling holding team back?

“But the 49ers certainly can use a spark on offense, and we think that can be accomplished when running back Elijah Mitchell returns to action. One area where the 49ers can create more issues for opposing defenses is with designed passes going to targets out of the backfield to take advantage of favorable matchups. Mitchell is the best option to make catches in space and get big yards in the open field. So while it might not make sense for the 49ers to trade for McCaffrey, it would make sense for the team to use Mitchell in more of a McCaffrey-like role.”

A 49ers trade for Christian McCaffrey would be a justifiable all-in move

“Trading for McCaffrey would give the 49ers a still explosive back who can create yardage for himself more consistently than the likes of Wilson and Coleman and put stress on defenses with what he can do underneath as a receiver.”

Fred Warner excited to turn 49ers’ season around: “We need to get this taste out of our mouth”

“We obviously came into the season with high expectations,” Warner said Tuesday morning on KNBR’s Murph & Mac show. “Still do have very high expectations, but [we’re] 3-3. That’s, basically, in my mind, we’re back to 0-0 as if the season just started. But the positive thing about it is we’ve learned a lot through six weeks. And in order to get to where we want to go, we have to go through hard things, right? I think we for sure have done that.

Are the Giants, Jets, Packers, Rams, 49ers contenders or pretenders? (paywall)

“Speaking of health, the 49ers’ defense was excelling before being crushed by injuries. It’s going to be a couple weeks until it gets back to full strength, but when it’s healthy, it’s the best in the league, and I don’t think it’s that close...We might be hearing some talk about how the 49ers are bad over the next few weeks. But like last year, when they get healthy, they’ll be among the best teams across the NFL and squarely in the Super Bowl contender conversation.”

Dave Lombardi explains why 49ers have such a hard time coming back in games during Shanahan’s tenure

“If the 49ers are playing their brand of football and they’re not panicking and moving the ball down field as Kyle Shanahan said they were doing, they would’ve run a quarterback sneak or they would have run something basic up the middle on third and short to move the chains and move onto the next set of downs. Except they ran some weird pitch outside that just got blown up, didn’t work. Then on fourth down they don’t even line up under center. They abandon a true running threat on fourth and short, they line up in the shotgun, and that ended the game essentially. To me that was the ultimate panic call. So at least stay consistent on the play calling of that final drive.

Matthew Stafford thought he was being traded to the 49ers

“I thought I was going to be across the bay in San Fran. I thought San Fran. I thought maybe Washington.”