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Jaquaski Tartt explains the difference between the 49ers and Eagles training camp

Former 49ers safety Jaquaski Tartt spoke about the differences in physicality, and how Philadelphia allows players to take care of their body better than the Niners.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Vish Kumaran, who co-hosts a podcast with Rob Guerrera on our network every Monday, was fortunate enough to sit down with former San Francisco 49ers safety Jaquaski Tartt Wednesday. The two discussed one of the hotter topics surrounding the Niners: Injuries.

Vish wanted to include this graphic as a reference:

The graphic above quantifies how injuries affect a team at specific positions and their player performance on a scale of 0-to-100.

Here’s Tartt on whether there’s a problem with what the 49ers are doing during training camp if it’s making the team more susceptible to injuries:

“I don’t know what they [49ers] did this past camp, but if we’re going based off when I was there, I honestly thought he [Kyle Shanahan] was saving our bodies. But, just being with the Eagles, the short time I was with them, it ain’t even close.

Then you just have to go off results. From last year, the Eagles, I think they were number one in least injured players. This year, I think it’s the same. So if we’re going off results, pure results, the Eagles, their plan is by far one of the best. They definitely let you rest your body.

You’re able to be fast and light. Not feeling the pressure and the bumps and bruises throughout the season.”

Tartt is brutally honest, and that’s refreshing. He went on to explain how there’s “a lot of banging; It’s a very physical camp” in Santa Clara every August. That shows every Sunday when the 49ers play. Unfortunately, it may also be a reason that the team is continuously plagued with injuries.

Tartt didn’t downplay the physicality of Philly’s training camp, citing how they still have high-intensity practices. However, he did reference how there aren’t as many padded practices, or there will be a specific team period for that day, such as only working in the red zone, as opposed to doing multiple team periods, which leads to more exposure to heavy contact.

It’s a numbers game. The more reps you take, the more chance you have of getting injured or banged up, which could lead to a nagging injury.

There will be some people who watch the video below and think Tartt has an axe to grind, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s telling it how it is through his experience.

That also doesn’t mean what the 49ers are doing is wrong. It’s evident this team wants to establish a style of play.

You can watch the six-minute video in its entirety below, as Tartt talks more about the grind that is the NFL season.