Anyone blaming the receivers?

I am NOT a huge Jimmy G apologist by any means. Five years ago, when he was first traded to the 49'ers, I was entranced by the possibilities that would lie ahead. Like many of us, I truly believed that Jimmy G was the "Chosen One" that we had been waiting so long for. Well, looking at the past two years, I guess that didn't pan out so well, huh? But wait a second...

Yes, Jimmy does seem to continue to make (at least a few) knucklehead plays almost every game, some more stupid than others. But every quarterback is only as good as the guys he's throwing to, right? It seems like the inconsistent play by his receivers is being very underplayed as of late and needs to be called out much more vocally than I'm seeing here.

While Jimmy did manage to post an ok "stat" line against Atlanta last week, few are pointing out that he had some VERY good passes dropped by his receivers. People like to claim that Jimmy "has no arm strength" and "can't throw a deep ball", yet I saw at least 3-4 absolute DIMES downfield during that game that were either dropped or called back by penalty. In my opinion, his receivers left 100+ yards and at least one touchdown (if not two) on the field that afternoon. He could have easily had a 400+ yard, 4 touchdown game vs Atlanta.

This last Sunday, vs KC, Jimmy once again suffered from some egregious drops on pinpoint passes. The worst, of course, was an absolute perfect long-ball to rookie Danny Gray that caught him in-stride on the way to what would have been a highlight reel streaking touchdown. Right in his hands. He dropped it.

Let's be realistic here. Just looking at the past two losses, every single receiver/back has dropped a very accurate and crucial pass from Jimmy at the worst possible time. This applies to every single "star" on this offense, including Deebo, Aiyuk, Jennigns, Wilson, and even our beloved George K. Even one or two of those good throws, if caught, could have potentially, even drastically, altered the course of those last two games (especially vs Atlanta).

Yeah, Jimmy makes some really dumb decisions and really dumb throws at times. I think we've all learned to just accept that at this point. But I do still believe that he's a good quarterback who's proven his ability to get this team to a Superbowl - oh wait, he already did that. If the receivers and backs can find some sort of product at Walmart to wash the butter off of their hands on gameday, maybe we'll get there again.

This 49'ers team is way too loaded on talent to be 3-4 right now. Period. They're arguably the most talented team position-by-position in the league. It's an absolute humiliation of underachievement at this point. Beat the Rams and go into the bye week 4-4 to rest, recoup and rethink. I'm optimistic that a renewed and revamped squad will emerge on the other side of the break.

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