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Golden Nuggets: Pain

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

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Deebo Samuel added to injury report, Juszczyk likely out until after bye

“Also injured in Sunday’s game were Deebo Samuel and Dre Greenlaw. Greenlaw sustained a calf injury and tried to return before sitting for the remainder of the game. Samuel was dealing with a hamstring injury during the game and came in with pain on Monday. Both are considered day-to-day.”

Thompson: Christian McCaffrey has arrived, but the 49ers’ offense still has a long way to go (paywall)

“A big part of the change might be McCaffrey. The 49ers aren’t a shootout type of offense. They’re about running the ball, controlling time of possession, putting together long drives with medium and short plays...But perhaps they can score with more reliability having such a weapon in their arsenal. That’s the hope anyway. As banged up as the defense is right now, No. 23 is going to have to get them to 30 more often.”

Barrows: 49ers’ Christian McCaffrey didn’t play on third down, but that’ll change soon

“What he didn’t do was appear on any third downs or in the team’s two-minute offense. Given how quickly he got up to speed in the day and a half that preceded the game, the expectation is that he’ll have all facets of the offense under his belt for Sunday’s game against the Rams. The 49ers have been without a true third-down back for the last two seasons. That ought to be where McCaffrey excels.”

49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk has finger surgery, likely out against the Rams (paywall)

“Shanahan theorized that many of the 49ers players who returned to action Sunday played worse than normal, not necessarily because of their injuries but because of missed practice time caused by those injuries.”

Despite getting handled by the Chiefs, the 49ers have the formula to be the most dangerous team in the NFC

“So, San Francisco looks like they’ll be in pretty good shape once they get some key guys back from injury and McCaffrey is fully acclimated. They might only win nine games, but that should be enough in the NFC to make the tournament. With so much parity, there could be an 8-9 team to make it in the NFC. Currently, 12 of the 16 NFC teams hold a record of 3-4 or better, and if the Bears beat the Patriots on Monday Night Football, that’ll make 13. The NFC playoff race will undoubtedly come down to a few games in Week 18....These Niners will be in the thick of that race, and don’t be surprised when they’re “upsetting” your favorite team. I’m looking at you, Eagles. Once Shanahan gets his guys on track, they’ll be the scariest team entering the playoffs. You can count on that.”

Barnwell: Christian McCaffrey trade: Should the 49ers have gone all-in?

“The McCaffrey trade is one of the most fascinating deals we’ve seen in the NFL in recent years, even as the league has gotten more and more trade-friendly. The upside for the 49ers is stratospheric and could give them one of the best sets of playmakers the league has ever seen. The downside is that he is an injury-prone, short-term rental for a team now below .500 and already was without its first-round pick in the 2023 draft. And unlike some trades, where those possibilities are remote, the best- and worst-case scenarios for this deal appear to be entirely plausible for Kyle Shanahan and his 49ers.”

Who were PFF’s highest- and lowest-graded 49ers players vs. Chiefs? Plus snap counts

“Aaron Banks, LG, 91.5, 78 snaps.”

Joe Staley explains how Mike McGlinchey can correct issues with bull rush

“I think Mike’s in that situation where he’s in year five, he’s having sometimes an issue with the situation of bull rush or whatever it is, gets in his own head and he’s got to be open and honest with his own self assessment and then move forward and fix it,” Staley said. “And Mike’s, like I said, a dear friend, but he’s had some ups and he’s had some downs...I think if he wants to take that next step as being a player that’s gonna be a long-term person in the NFL, then he’s got to be open to be criticized. He’s got to be open and be self-critical of his own play and then do the work, which I know he’s going to and I know he does.”

Sherman’s faith in Jimmy G ‘wavering’ after loss to Chiefs

“44 points on the board is unacceptable for a top-five defense, and that’s what they are,” Sherman said. “They have top-five talent everywhere on the board, and they have to play better. And they know that, and they will. But right now, it’s a lot of man-in-the-mirror kind of deal, conversations. Everybody’s got to look and get that person fixed before they can point the finger at anybody else.”