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Did the Chiefs figure out how to slow down Nick Bosa?

You can’t stop him completely, but you can contain him

Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Is it possible that the Chiefs have figured out a way to slow down Nick Bosa?

Bosa didn’t have a bad game on Sunday, to be sure. He still notched his seventh sack of the year, four tackles, and a QB hit, after all. It’s fair to say, however, that he didn’t have as big an impact on Kansas City’s offense as he usually has every week.

In her debut as a member of the Niners Nation Podcast Network, Steph Sanchez wondered what this means going forward.

“It was interesting that the Chiefs were going right at Nick Bosa. A lot of other teams would avoid Nick Bosa and the Chiefs were going right at him. That was definitely an interesting approach. I wonder if other teams are gonna try and do the same thing in the future. Not every team is going to be the Chiefs offense - thankfully. Still, that’s something to keep an eye on in future games.”

Bosa himself spoke about how the Chiefs attacked him during the game.

Using screens, jet sweeps, and drop passes, the Chiefs were able to minimize Bosa’s chances to blow up plays in the backfield, at times, by running right at him while not bothering to block him at all.

Surely other teams around the league are scrubbing every last inch of that game film for anything they can use to repeat that success. In particular, Mike McDaniel and the Dolphins will definitely implement those same concepts with all the speed they have on offense.

This is a test for DeMeco Ryans. There isn’t a coach or coordinator in NFL history that hasn’t had their lunch handed to them at some point in their career. When your opponent gets to spend an entire week figuring out how to attack you, they’re going to win on occasion.

What makes great coaches great is their ability to learn from their mistakes and adapt to prevent the same thing from happening in the future. The elite coaches are the ones that can do this the fastest. The all-timers are capable of diagnosing the problem and adjusting during the game itself. It will be interesting to see Ryans’ strategy to minimize the effectiveness of those plays going forward.

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