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Golden Nuggets: Bring on the Rams

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Wednesday, October 26th, 2022

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49ers release RB Tevin Coleman, leave roster spot open

“There’s a good chance he returns to their practice squad since RB Marlon Mack left San Francisco’s practice squad to join the Broncos’ active roster...How they fill his roster spot will be interesting. The team has to make a decision on cornerback Jason Verrett by Wednesday. They’ll either add him to the active roster off the PUP list or leave him deactivated for the entire season. “

Kawakami: A guess at the 49ers’ plan for Trey Lance, Christian McCaffrey and more beyond 2022 (paywall)

“We saw some of the competitive anxiety come out when they kept Garoppolo around even though it could’ve hurt Lance’s development and Shanahan and Lynch, it turns out, were wise to do that. We saw more of the anxiety when they saw the 49ers’ offense sputter early, so they decided to give up all those picks for McCaffrey. Competitive anxiety is not a bad thing. It keeps people on edge. Sometimes you have to stay on edge.”

49ers mailbag: How does Christian McCaffrey trade change Elijah Mitchell’s role? (paywall)

“I’d say the current 49ers are in a better situation considering how bunched together the NFC is, that they added a considerable offensive weapon in Christian McCaffrey and that they ought to be getting reinforcements after the bye (see below). The 2021 49ers were 3-5 after eight games. The current team has a chance to be 4-4 and, as you note, has the benefit of knowing it’s capable of putting together a strong run down the home stretch. It did it last year, after all.”

49ers overreactions: Coaching to blame for disappointing start?

“The reason we never really bought into the defense being that great was because of the pass rush. Yes, Bosa is a star. But after him, the best thing the 49ers have going for them are the number of defensive lineman they can rotate into the action without losing much.”

Staley, Young reminisce about hysterical ‘welcome to NFL’ moment

“He was ready for it, took me with one hand, flipped me over his knee, basically, threw me on my back,” Staley said. “... He points his finger right in my face and says, ‘I told you rook to settle down.’

Young recalls tough decision to turn down 49ers coaching job

“Those talks were hard just in terms of the opportunity that was presented was a hard one to turn down because I just came off the death of my son and then trying to relocate at that time,” Bryant explained. “It would have been difficult for me and my family. From a logistics standpoint, had an opportunity to work with the Atlanta staff having known [Dan] Quinn, it just made more sense.