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Golden Nuggets: We talking about practice

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Thursday, October 27th, 2022

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Shanahan provides injury updates, reveals 49ers haven’t had full practice in ‘number of weeks’

“San Francisco has consistently been preaching that they need to correct their mistakes. In each loss, there are a few key plays gone awry. After the game, the message is that those issues can and must be amended.

But the only place, according to Shanahan and Staley, that those places get fixed, is the practice field. And the 49ers can’t practice in full because they have too many injuries.

That begs the question: If practice is the only place you believe you can fix mistakes, but you haven’t had a real practice in weeks, how do you fix them?

That’s the conundrum the 49ers face this week, in a bid to potentially reclaim their lead in the division.”

49ers activate Jason Verrett, take step toward dream cornerback duo (paywall)

“[Charvarius] Ward, in fact, recalled studying Verrett’s technique when Verrett played at TCU. Ward was a tall, long-limbed player who at the time was learning press technique. He was impressed with how well Verrett moved.”

Steve Young explains why lack of trust between Shanahan and Garoppolo is leading to second half issues and why he’s still high on the 49ers

“There is, and when I say lack of trust between Jimmy and Kyle, what I’m saying is, and I repeat this all the time — Mike (Shanahan) said this to me,” Young said. “I know that (Bills head coach) Sean McDermott has said it to Josh Allen. I know that Patrick Mahomes has heard this because Andy (Chiefs head coach Andy Reid) told me this — but turning to those guys and saying ‘I am going to be aggressive for four quarters. You protect me.’ And that’s that trust level. I don’t think we’re there....People start to see your game plan. You’ve got to kind of be iterative. And then I think either Kyle has to go all in and say, ‘I’m just going to do it. I’m going to let it rip the way I want to and take it where it comes,’ or ‘I’m going to continue to manage through the second halves.’ And that would speak to why we’re not coming back in the fourth quarter and all of that.”

Wagoner: 49ers’ aggressiveness in acquiring Christian McCaffrey partially inspired by rival Rams

“I think the thing that I respect is there’s good competitiveness,” McVay said. “Sometimes some of the moves are made with No. 1, if it benefits your team, but then it’s also not trying to help strengthen others. I think that’s just a sound approach. I don’t think we were the first people to do that by any stretch. But I think there is a willingness to be aggressive in your pursuit of trying to do what is best for your team and trying to give yourself an opportunity to go do special things year in and year out. Certainly, the Niners are one of those teams that’s done that.”

49ers find themselves in eerily familiar situation as 2021 season

“If the 2021 season taught us anything, it’s that as ominous as a 3-4 start to the season might appear, there could be much brighter days ahead.”