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Golden Nuggets: Who are you looking to step up on Sunday?

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, October 28, 2022

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McCaffrey explains why he has ‘chip on shoulder’ after trade

“I understand this is a business, but any time somebody gets rid of you or something happens, (you) take it personally,” McCaffrey answered. “I’m so happy to be here, but absolutely...It’s part of the league. It’s what happens to coaches. I happens to players. It’s just more wood in the fire.”

Kyle Shanahan assesses why 49ers have struggled in second half on KNBR

“I think we just haven’t gotten as consistent as we need to be,” Shanahan said. “I do think we were taking a step in the right direction. Even though we lost, I thought offensively we had [improved] these last two weeks. I did feel better about it.”

McGlinchey challenges himself to ‘step up’ for 49ers’ offense

“I got to step up,” McGlinchey said. “I got to play better. I’ve been playing too much good football over the course of this season and last season to let things like that happen in those moments.”

Jimmy Garoppolo: 49ers are feeling a sense of urgency

“I think you feel it in the locker room,” quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo told reporters on Thursday. “I’ve felt it throughout the week, honestly, just there’s a sense of urgency with the guys. And we have to do this together. No individual’s going to do it on his own. We have to do this as a team. And I think that’s what has made us great in the past here. We just have to get back to that.”

Lombardi: 49ers are struggling without Arik Armstead’s massive impact on run defense (paywall)

“Over the 49ers’ last 16 games, Givens’ two highest Pro Football Focus game grades have come against the Rams. He was particularly good in the 49ers’ Week 4 win, stonewalling run attempts and even generating two pressures on the pass rush....The Rams, though, played third-string center Jeremiah Kolone in that game.... With L.A. expected to return starting center Brian Allen for Sunday’s game, Givens and the rest of the 49ers’ defensive tackle depth is set to face a stiffer challenge in this coming rematch.”

49ers are still an NFC favorite despite two straight butt kickings: Meet me at the logo

“A team as talented as San Francisco simply needs to get to the playoffs. That’s where the true merits of its season will be measured. Fortunately for the 49ers, they play in a division that’s easily winnable for them, even with a losing record through the first seven weeks of the season.”