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49ers look like the team we expected them to in the second half of a 31-14 win over the Rams

That was fun

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Both defenses provided little resistance in the first half. After both offenses traded punts to start the game, the Rams chewed most of the first quarter after marching 88 yards in 17 plays.

Sean McVay won the first round against DeMeco Ryans after converting against a couple of blitzes with screen passes. The coverage wasn’t great, and neither were the penalties, but the defense couldn’t get off the field.

You have to give credit to the 49ers' offense for answering both of Los Angele’s scores with points of their own. That kept the game in striking distance and allowed Ryans to make adjustments at halftime.

The Rams couldn’t do anything offensively in the second half. For as much flack as he’s caught the past couple of weeks, Ryans and company looked like their elite selves again. Of course, it helped to have a lead, and that the Rams couldn’t run the ball.

But this game was all about the offense. Christian McCaffrey threw a touchdown, ran for one, and caught one. He had 94 rushing yards on 18 carries and caught eight passes for 55 yards. Those stats don’t do justice for how much of a difference-maker McCaffrey was. He bailed out the offense early.

Jimmy Garoppolo completed 21 of his 25 passes. He had a few close calls, but “almost interceptions” don’t matter in the NFL. Jimmy threw for 235 yards and had four or five gorgeous throws. He pushed the ball down the field, leaned on Brandon Aiyuk, and let his playmakers make plays.

The offensive line allowed three sacks but overall played well. This wasn’t a complete game, but what we saw from the 49ers in the second half is why some still believe they’re a Super Bowl contender. Getting healthy out of the bye week will go a long way, and this performance will do nothing but inspire confidence.