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Tips for 49ers fans to enjoy Halloween at home

It’s like homegating for spooky season.

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Halloween brings Niners fans of different backgrounds together with candy, scares, and carved pumpkins. If you aren’t into parties, haunted houses, or bar crawls, but you still want to enjoy the holiday with a 49ers spin, this article is for you.

Trick-or-treating in 2022 can be sketchy for various reasons, so we’re going to highlight what Niners fans can do at home to have a great time.

Setting the stage: Scares and shenanigans

Creating a spooky environment is a must for Halloween festivities. Skeletons, fake spider webs, and spooky pumpkins will flood houses inside and out. How can you make your house stand out? Go with a 49ers theme.

Focus on decorating things around the house to avoid spending excess money. Dress up the door, fireplace, and stairs with spooky orange and black decorations — or scarlet and gold, which can be just as scary. Make some headstones for the quarterbacks who have had the misfortune of being sacked by Nick Bosa this year.

Spicing things up at home during the holidays is a must. What’s Halloween without the scares? As a kid, my sisters made me chant “Bloody Mary” in the mirror, but I always got spooked after calling for her twice.

The options with pumpkins are unlimited. I only enjoy pumpkin-related things in October (except for pumpkin spice candles). Carving or painting pumpkins can be a ton of fun, whether you want to make a Picasso pumpkin or a scary Jack-o-lantern. My kids painted six pumpkins and I couldn’t tell you what they were trying to paint, but they had a blast!

You can always go with a 49ers theme for your pumpkins, too.

Scary movies are only right for this night of mischief. Hocus Pocus, Us, and Candyman (1992) are some of my favorite Halloween movies. I’ve adopted reading every night with my son in kindergarten this year. We started with ‘It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse!’ and will continue with different scary stories.

But if you really want to be shaken to your core, rewatch the 1980 matchup against the Cowboys that the Niners lost 59-14.


My family of five planned on cosplaying as the Incredibles, but it’s a hassle trying to get all of the costumes. Creative costumes make Halloween enjoyable. Dressing up as a family is not only good for pictures but will give your kids memories they will never forget. Putting on a costume as someone or something is the best part of Halloween and probably the highlight of your night if you don’t plan on leaving the house.

Costume options are unlimited and you don’t have to break the bank for a good costume. The old pilot look with a leather jacket, aviator glasses, or a scary mask on with regular clothes is both cost-efficient. What about face paint? It may be easier to use makeup to bring your character to life.

But again, why not go with a 49ers theme? Throw on your favorite player’s jersey and rub some eye black on your face, and you’re good to go.

Candy, snacks, and spirits

My mother took me to trick-or-treat as a kid in the rich neighborhoods in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, so I could get the good stuff. People would hand out full-size candy bars, gift cards, and small toys.

I love cookies, so I recommend baking some. Icing, sprinkles, and M&M’s can make your cookie pop. Try making spider or ghost-shaped cookies to keep the Halloween spirit, and forgo the orange and black icing and decorations and go with the Niners’ scarlet and gold. Baking as a family is a great way to get some bonding in before Thanksgiving and Christmas. A haunted gingerbread house is another desert your family can make to keep things festive.

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a pumpkin-flavored beer for those of age. I’m not sure of any Halloween cocktails, so I would grab your usual spirit and have a drink or two (but you might want to take it easy, since Halloween is on a Monday).

Celebrating Halloween at home is similar to ‘Homegating’. It’s all about having a good time in the comfort of your own home. I’ll be taking Snickers, Reese’s Cups, and DOTS from my children’s candy buckets. Stay safe and have a great time celebrating Halloween.