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Can’t make it to the 49ers game? Check out our ultimate ‘homegate’ guide

Game days at Levi’s Stadium are fun — but also expensive! — so watching the Niners at home with friends and family is always a great call.

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Are you planning to catch a San Francisco 49ers game at Levi’s Stadium this year? If so, enjoy it to the fullest! If not, sit tight. I have something for you. The experience of watching the Niners with up to 70,000 other people is unmatched, but I am here to tell you that you can have as much fun at home.

Tailgating is fun, but who wants to use the bathroom in a porta potty? The resources become limited tailgating outside the stadium. I will say it’s cool to connect with fellow fans but likely safer to stay home with all these viral diseases.

Watching the game at a bar is overrated. I went to Kick Back Jack’s for Week 1, and they did not have the 49ers game on. Leaving me to watch on my phone, and at that moment, I told myself I would never do this again. I would go back and watch someone else’s team, I need to be comfortable when my team is playing when I want to cry in a corner after a Jimmy Garoppolo interception against Cover 1.

Make sure everything is in order

Growing up, I always knew two things would happen on Sunday — we would eat good and watch football all day. But it was never all fun and games with my father. You had to earn that meal, and you better not make too much noise when the games are on. Sunday was also our clean-up day, and we managed anything we needed to set us up for a good week.

Currently, I have a family of five and things can get hectic fast. Especially with kids in the ranges of five, four, and two months. The main goal is to keep them occupied when the 49ers are playing. I don’t want to hear who isn’t sharing, or screaming, and I may not be the nicest dad if they are playing bad.

Grocery shopping, working out, or taking the kids to a playground so they can shake their sillies out are all good ideas before game time. Errands and chores can be annoying and time-consuming, go ahead and finish your game day to-do list so you can enjoy the game in peace.


The choices are unlimited watching the game at home. The die-hard fan may watch with eye paint and a jersey or dress comfortably and lounge around in a tank top and shorts. I’m in between. I like to wear some 49ers flare with sweats to reiterate the relaxation that’s about to happen. After all my errands, I ditch my shoes and socks because I’ll be locked inside for the remainder of the day.

Food and drinks

Football Sundays and feasts go hand in hand. And if you are of age, a few drinks of the good stuff. On the other hand, 10-plus hours of football calls for several trips to the kitchen, so you might want to cook a hefty meal. Chicken wings, ribs, or lamb chops are entrees I enjoy, and I usually pair them with finger foods or mac and cheese (my kids attack me if there is no mac).

When to fire up the grill or oven depends on kickoff time. I try to go ahead and get cooking out the way right before noon. Living on the east coast is a happy medium. I try to make breakfast on Sundays, but it usually messes up my feast start time. So, we have reverted to Eggos or cereal on Sundays to save room and time for the actual meal.

Drinks can vary with me. I love a good bourbon or whiskey like our head honcho Kyle Posey. Unless the team is shooting themselves in the foot, that is when I turn to tequila. Drinking at home is always the safest. If you must call Earl, you have a toilet nearby, and you can easily lay down if you get too wasted.

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