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Golden Nuggets: One sleep away

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Saturday, October 8th, 2022

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49ers-Panthers Game Statuses: 7 players ruled out, but pair of returns possible

“On Friday, the 49ers will embark on a two-week road trip to the South (with a week-long stay in Appalachia at The Greenbrier). They are preparing for this trip with a fairly lengthy injury list, having ruled out seven players for this week’s game against the Carolina Panthers.”

Kyle Shanahan says Armstead out, Kinlaw unlikely to play against Panthers

“You’re always concerned, especially when something’s been lingering a little bit,” Shanahan said. “But I’m also not a doctor so I don’t sit there and try to worry about it too much. I just go with what they say. When they say they gotta see how it reacts week to week and there’s not surgery or anything like that, which makes you feel good, but you got to just see how it reacts and we thought it would react better earlier in the week. Still not there yet.”

Kawakami: Jimmy Garoppolo on his bizarre offseason, return to the 49ers and relationship with Kyle Shanahan (paywall)

“But what really struck me through this conversation was how much Garoppolo is still thinking about his shoulder and how vividly he described his fears back in March and the following months. It was clearly more harrowing than his recovery from the ACL tear in 2018 and his ankle issues in 2020. This was Garoppolo’s throwing arm. So whatever else was going on around him — teams acquiring other QBs, the 49ers moving on to Trey Lance — was minor compared to Garoppolo getting his shoulder healed.”

Lombardi: 49ers vs. Panthers: Kyle Shanahan has team’s East Coast travel formula down (paywall)

“We liked it,” Shanahan said. “I always talk about home-field advantage, which is the biggest thing in football because of the noise. But there is something when you go on the road, just the distractions are a little less there. The people aren’t there, even in your own house. You’re just kind of locked into a room and I think it just helps guys focus a little bit more.”

Branch: 49ers’ Javon Kinlaw reveals details of latest knee issue: ‘It’ll be a long year’ (paywall)

“It just kind of happened out of nowhere,” Kinlaw said. “But we know what it takes to keep it healthy and maintain it and manage it the right way. I’m not concerned about it at all … I’m not in any pain or anything. It’s just something I’m dealing with. My knee is making a lot of fluid.”

Silver: 49ers earned a season reboot, will they now get down to business? (paywall)

“It’s a new season, with a couple of perceived pushovers to kick it off. From this point forward, the Niners can make their ride a lot smoother by winning the games they’re supposed to win and keeping the drama to a minimum.”