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Is the bye coming at a good time or a bad time for the 49ers?

The age old question: Rest or rust?

For one half of football, everything was clicking for the 49ers' offense. Jimmy Garoppolo delivered the ball accurately, and on time, Christian McCaffrey was picking up chunks of yardage in the air and on the ground, and possessions were ending in touchdowns. It’s exactly the type of play a team can build off of during a season.

And now it’s the bye week.

On today’s Niners Nation podcast, Jason Aponte and Steph Sanchez debated whether the bye is coming at a good or a bad time considering what we saw on Sunday.

“We’re just kind of clicking. Hopefully, we can just take this momentum - I honestly hate going on a bye right now,” George Kittle said after the game, “Because I think we just figured something out.”

History is not much of an indicator as to how the Niners will look in two weeks against the Chargers. Kyle Shanahan is 2-3 after the bye in his career. Yesterday he acknowledged that while it might be frustrating to have to take a week off after that kind of offensive performance, it’s probably best for the team as a whole.

“We have to play good football here going forward....I think we need this bye week. We need to rest up a little bit and hopefully get some guys back. Right when we get it going a little bit, it is always tough to take some time off, but I do think we need it just for our health, and we have to come back in here and have a good Monday, and good Tuesday before we get going with the game plan next Wednesday.”

One more thing that Steph pointed out: The 49ers only have three games away from Levi’s Stadium left in the regular season, and one of those games is in Mexico City against the Cardinals. With minimal travel over the last half of the year and hopefully a lot of healthy bodies returning to the fold, the Niners will be even more set up for success after their week away.

Like Fred Warner said in the locker room after the game, “Let’s go on a f*cking roll.”

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