Our Roster is Stacked! - *health*

I just like writing it down and rosterbating.

Garropollo - purposely misspelled but he is playing well. Taking care of the ball and playing aggressive at the same time. CMC is such a good addition because he is basically a shifty slot receiver in addition to a great RB. Remember how well Trent Taylor did with Jimmy!? Picking up 3rd downs just got a lot easier.

CMC + Mitchell (back post bye?) + Wilson + TDP! wow. daz good. much fun to watch.

FB/TE - Juice + Kittle (+ CMC) - great white pride.

WR's Aiyuk + Deebo = Two #1's plus the complementary WR's.

O-Line - Trent plus the scrubs. Kinda working out. Banks seems to playing well per PFF.

D - Line - If Arik is back post bye week I'll feel a lot better about this group against the run. I'd bet money on Kinlaw not coming back this year. Dude just can't stay healthy.

LB's - Fred is the man. did you see that flying tackle last week?! hopefully Greenlaw and Aziz back post bye too.

DB's - Mooney is playing great minus KC game. If Verrett actually plays, wow. Huf a baller. Ward baller. Not sure why we don't replace Gipson with Ward. I get he's playing well but Ward is better IMO. I think DeMo and Womack can play the slot just fine.

That was fun. I'm just praying for health and good officiating and we can beat any team.

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