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NN prediction contest Week 10: 49ers take on Chargers coming out of bye week

Can the 49ers grab a win after a week off?

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Set Number: X164222 TK1

After the 49ers enjoyed their bye week, they gear up to face Justin Herbert and the Chargers on Sunday Night Football. Despite the Niners disappointing start to the season, they remain in playoff position at 4-4. The Chargers are one of the best teams remaining on San Francisco’s schedule, meaning a win could go a long way towards propelling the 49ers to a postseason run.

Due to our sponsorship with Tallysight, we have to pick every game. But, as usual, we’ll narrow it down to six for you at the bottom. Odds for all the games are available on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Falcons over Panthers: The Falcons have been a surprisingly good team this season, and while I’m hesitant to pick them at -150 on the road, but they are a far better team than the Panthers.

Seahawks over Bucs: I’m picking the team with the better quarterback. Okay, while that may be an exaggeration, the Seahawks might be the second-best team in the NFC and are +125. With no team getting home-field advantage in Germany, I’m rolling with Geno Smith.

Bills over Vikings: The Bills are only -175, which seems like an overcorrection after their disappointing loss last week to the Jets.

Kansas City over Jaguars: I’ve gotten burned by the Jaguars too much this season. I’m rolling with Mahomes.

Lions over Bears: I see a regression game for Justin Fields. I’m just not confident enough in Chicago to pick them at -150.

Dolphins over Browns: The Browns have been better than I thought, but the Dolphins have looked like a legitimate contender since Tua returned to the field.

Titans over Broncos: The Titans nearly almost proved my upset pick right against Kansas City, and they should be able to turn that into a dominant win over Denver this week.

Steelers over Saints: Mike Tomlin’s a good enough coach to pull out some surprises from time to time. I lean towards them at home against New Orleans.

Colts over Raiders: The Colts are a mess. They barely have an interim head coach. But are the Raiders so much more put together that I’d pick them as they approach -200? No.

Cardinals over Rams: Call of Duty would lead me to pick the Rams, but this is two mediocre teams and my strategy is to take the underdog in those matchups, particularly when I think the underdog has the better quarterback (even with distractions).

Eagles over Commanders: The Heinicke miracle will be over soon.

Chargers over 49ers: I’d pick the 49ers if it were straight up, but the Chargers at +250 is too good for me to pass up. The Niners have just been too inconsistent.

Packers over Cowboys: Honestly, I made this pick with my gut on Tallysight and have come to regret it. Green Bay is toxic right now, I wouldn’t advise anyone to roll with me on this one.

Texans over Giants: I’ve been on the “Texans aren’t really that bad” train for awhile this season and I think they shock New York on Monday Night.

Marc’s prediction record:

Week 1: 7-8-1
Week 2: 9-7
Week 3: 7-9
Week 4: 9-7
Week 5: 8-8
Week 6: 8-6
Week 7: 9-5
Week 8: 10-5
Week 9: 8-5
Overall: 75-60-1

Here are the six games for this week’s contest:

Seahawks at Bucs: 6:30 AM Pacific

Lions at Bears: 10:00 AM Pacific

Browns at Dolphins: 10:00 AM Pacific

Broncos at Titans: 10:00 AM Pacific

Cardinals at Rams: 1:25 PM Pacific

Chargers at 49ers: 5:20 PM Pacific