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49ers vs. Chargers second quarter thread: It’ll take touchdowns tonight

Kicking field goals on 4th & 2 from the 2.....not ideal

Los Angeles Chargers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Chargers scored on their opening possession. So did the 49ers. The difference Los Angeles scored a touchdown, whereas San Francisco had to settle for three points. Both teams hit on explosive plays. The Chargers added another on their second drive. But an errant throw from Justin Herbert bailed the Niners out.

The first quarter went by quickly. That will happen when there are scoring drives. The Niners have the ball again, but they’ll need to march over 80 yards to add points. They had no issues moving the ball on their initial drive. But it’ll take touchdowns, not field goals.

If anyone can figure out why Kyle Shanahan elected to kick a 20-yard field goal on 4th & 2, I’m all ears.

The 49ers turned the ball over on their second possession thanks to Brandon Aiyuk fumbling after a big hit by Derwin James. There wasn’t much Aiyuk could do in that situation, but you can’t turn the ball over there.