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49ers vs. Chargers 3rd quarter: It’ll take a second half comeback

No Dre Greenlaw

Kansas City Chiefs v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The 49ers averaged 6.2 yards per play during the first half but trailed by six at halftime to the Chargers. There were mental mistakes, a questionable 4th & goal call, and just your typical boneheaded plays.

You can see the offense begin to come alive, and Christian McCaffrey gained 21 yards on the first play of the third quarter, and Deebo Samuel added 15 yards on the next play.

The defense gave up five yards per play and held pretty well despite giving up a few chunk plays. When they needed to, they held their ground and forced the Chargers into field goals. That’ll be a big difference come the end of the game, especially if the offense continues to roll.

The 49ers faced a 4th and inches from the 29-yard line, and Jimmy Garoppolo picked up the first down. McCaffrey is rolling. We’ll see if they can punch it in for a touchdown.