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The 49ers are reversing an infamous trend

Trailing at halftime has not been a huge obstacle lately

This tweet burst onto the scene when the 49ers were dog-walked by the Chiefs earlier this season.

After the last two weeks, Kyle Shanahan and company continue to turn that trend around.

“It’s been harped upon that Kyle Shanahan hasn’t been able to win games when trailing at halftime,” Jason Aponte said on today’s Bully Ball podcast, “The funny thing about that is, in four of the last six times that he’s trailed [at halftime], he’s found a way to win. It’s funny how that’s not spoken about.”

In case you’re wondering about those four wins: The 49ers trailed the Texans at halftime of Week 17 last year 7-3, the Rams the following week 17-3, the Rams again in Week 10 this year 14-10, and the Chargers on Sunday night 16-10.

Steph Sanchez pointed to one specific reason for the success: DeMeco Ryans’ defense.

“The second half adjustments have kind of become a bit of a staple for this team now. I think at first, even for me, at the beginning of games when you see the 49ers give up a score early, you’re like, ‘Oh, God, not again.’ But you’ve got to stay patient. I do realize that now.

Let’s not try to fire DeMeco Ryans in the first half. Let him make his adjustments. He’s been great at that in the last few games. I think that’s really afforded the offense opportunities in the second half to then put some points on the board. Even if it’s a field goal, that should be enough to win because DeMeco Ryans is holding opposing offenses so well in the second half.”

Over their last two second halves played, the 49ers have allowed a combined 110 total yards and a grand total of zero points. Clearly, those second half adjustments are working, and they’re also giving the offense multiple chances to overcome any deficit they may be facing.

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