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Trent Williams isn’t tipping his stance or giving defenders clues about which play is coming

I know, I know..Twitter. But former pros that played the position aren’t worried and they explained why

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

If you’ve taken a peek at social media during the past 24 hours, clips have circulated about Trent Williams tipping his stances. Here are two pros weighing in on that discussion:

This isn’t the first time Williams’ stances have been brought up. A Chicago Bears defender mentioned it in Week 1, and a Packers defender did the same last year.

As the players above explained, it’s necessary to change your look-up depending on the play. Also, it’s Trent Williams. He could tell you what’s coming, and the odds would still be in his favor. The guy who lives on Pro Bowl rosters and All-Pro teams will be fine.

If you’re still doubting, former Rams and Bengals left tackle Andrew Whitworth had the best point:

Nobody was worried about Williams headed into the season. Instead, it was the other four that were cause for concern.

Williams has allowed one sack and opponent stuff this season. He’s continued his all-everything level of play. It’s fair to bring up his stance as the majority of us don’t know enough about offensive line play, but the people that have lived and played the position don’t believe it’s an issue.

I’ll side with them.