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Golden Nuggets: The Niners practice their cold-weather game

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Friday, November 18, 2022

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George Kittle talks 49ers’ sense of urgency, takes credit for Christian McCaffrey trade

“What I will say is that I just feel like our last two to three weeks of practice, I think we’ve just looked so much cleaner,” Kittle shared. “I think guys have understood what their role is, what we need to get done in the run game. The sense of urgency, I think that’s just really picked up. ... Our sense of urgency has just increased, and I think that’s what you really need...It takes a while for young guys to figure that out. It takes a while for guys who come in from different teams to see that because I think the way that we practice and the way that we do things as the 49ers and [in] our organization is a little bit different than most other places.”

Armstead, Ebukam miss 49ers’ chilly practice in Colorado Springs

“However, there will be a significant contrast in the weather conditions where the 49ers are playing compared to where they will play. The 49ers began practice in 20 degrees at the same time it was 74 degrees in Mexico City.”

The 49ers are big in Mexico, where Alfredo Gutierrez’s journey to the NFL began (paywall)

“I still remember my first day, watching Trent Williams coming in — it was impressive,” Gutierrez said. “To know their journey and what they’ve done in the league, it’s amazing. Once you see them in person, you get chills sometimes. He’s so athletic…Last year, I was watching Trey Lance throw impossible passes in between every single defender in practice. And he was against the first-team defense. And I was like, ‘Man, this is the big leagues now.’”

Steve Young believes Kyle Shanahan’s conservative play-calling is due to 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo

“It goes back to the conversation we’ve had [about the trust in Jimmy Garoppolo],” Young said on the Tolbert & Copes show. “... because I can guarantee you that Kyle would love to throw for 500 yards a game. He’s like his dad, I’m telling you. ... It’s really just how they manage each other and how they create the space for each other. The management is full-speed ahead. They’re managing each other, and that’s how it is, and that’s fruitful, and it’s fine.