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Kyle Shanahan is not concerned that Trent Williams is tipping plays

Nor should he be

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If Kyle Shanahan is worried about Trent Williams tipping plays with his stance, he sure doesn’t look it.

Kyle Posey covered this topic thoroughly earlier this week from an offensive lineman’s perspective. I had the chance to talk with former Eagles and Dolphins defensive lineman Mike Golic on Wednesday and asked him about the situation.

“You absolutely can pick up what [offensive lineman] are doing. Just like offensive linemen can pick up on a defensive lineman if we’re gonna run a stunt sometimes, they’ll be able to pick it up on film off of how we’re lining up. It can happen both ways, but it absolutely happens.”

But, as Golic said later in the interview, that isn’t as big a deal for some guys as it is for others.

“There are some O-linemen that are so good they’re like, ‘I don’t give a shit if you know what I’m doing; I’m still going to block you anyway.’ I’m gonna come to the line of scrimmage and say, ‘This is a run play right at us, and I’m going to block you.’ There are linemen that are that good, so some may not care if they’re tipping or not.”

I think it’s safe to say Trent Williams is one of those offensive linemen.

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