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Golden Nuggets: Trent Williams appreciation post

Your daily San Francisco 49ers news for Saturday, November 19, 2022

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49ers’ Trent Williams: Tipping plays a bigger deal on social media than field (paywall)

“On most dropback passes, you know it’s a pass because you look at personnel, you look at down and distance, you look at the time of the game,” Williams said. “We’re in a four-minute offense, how often are we going to pass the ball? If we’re in a two-minute offense, how often are we going to run the ball?”

Trent Williams discredits ‘nonsense’ accusation of tipping plays with stance

“Just because you know it’s a run don’t mean you know what type of run. We just installed 50 runs with six different looks, each run. So, I mean, I can show you run all day. Do you know which 50 runs we’re running?”

49ers trying to keep positive attitude while practicing at imposing altitude (paywall)

“We’re all human. Do we want to be out here practicing in 20-degree weather, running around?” [Fred Warner] said. “Probably not. But at the end of the day it is a test of your discipline and how willing are you to be on top of your assignments. … And I think we did that today.”

Why play-calling shouldn’t be blamed for 49ers’ offensive woes

“The 49ers don’t have a playcalling issue. They have an execution issue....Week after week, I’ve evaluated the 49ers’ offensive film to understand where the problems stem from, and it’s the same answer every week: execution.”