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Week 11 game thread: What game will you be watching today?

You have plenty of choices as there are eight games this morning

Chicago Bears v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The NFL refuses to stagger the games, so there are eight games this morning and three games in the afternoon. The Bears and Falcons should be a mildly entertaining game if you like points.

The Rams are on the road against the Saints. Los Angeles has looked awful as of late, but I think they beat the Red Rifle at home.

The Commanders and Texans will be a game that few watch, and understandably so. That’s no different for the Lions and the Giants.

Look for Baltimore to open it up against the Panthers at home, as Carolina will struggle to stop Lamar and company.

The Jeff Saturday bandwagon will look to keep it rolling against the Eagles. Call me crazy, but Matt Ryan and the boys will upset Philly at home on a short week.

The final game sees Robert Saleh and the Jets against the New England Patriots. Two struggling quarterbacks from the 2021 class face challenging defenses.